Drawn Parts

We specialize in drawn parts including shallow or deep draws up to 7 inches from most materials including steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

Design Considerations

Drawing is a process in which the central portion of a flat blank is forced by means of a punch into a die opening to form a tubular part in which the thickness is substantially the same as that of the original material.

Certain sheet metal properties need to be considered when using the drawing and deep-drawing fabrication process. For example, deep drawing requires a minimum amount of inclusions or impurities in the material. Another factor is material quality which is important to prevent failure or defects during production.

Mechanical properties such as yield strength, percent elongation, ductility, and plastic deformation are also important for the process. Properties such as dimensional constraints and modulus of elasticity must also be considered so that the part will maintain the desired shape after forming is complete.